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Journey Into Educational Resources

Hello! I've been a teacher for over 19 years. My experience ranges from EFL to identifying gifted and talented elementary school students to teaching as an adjunct professor, but always back to English and research for all ages in high school. The greatest honor I had was working with future teachers in the Czech Republic.

I hadn't started thinking of Iceman Awakens as a book for school, until three 12 year old young men found my story captivating: one made a book report of my story, another created a diorama, and the third found himself caught up and lost within the pages of long, long ago. I was hooked. You'll find here the result of my journey into transforming my story into an educational experience.  It's not finished.  I'd love to hear from you if you have further ideas or questions.


I desire to invite students to help me bring the story of Otzi the Iceman to life. There are no multiple choice tests found here. What each teacher will find are options. Feel free to use as much or as little as your students need for engagement. This workbook is a guide to experience the book in 3D.

Just click on the Student Workbook cover to the left and begin downloading the time machine to the year 3500 BC.


The educational plan of this webpage is to launch a webquest in the new year and continue to add other lesson ideas to help teachers find what they need or allow adaptation to meet the needs of students needing a variety of assessments. The color content can be printed in black and white but use the originals on this page to show student examples to inspire and generate problem solving together with creative thinking.


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