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What happens when a dream becomes real?

For me, I am traveling to climb the Similaun Mountain from the Austrian side and descend on the Italian side. I will walk where Ötzi is believed to have walked, meet the archeologist and reporter, who have helped me write Iceman Awakens, and finally meet the mummy himself.

Risk #1 - Write a book. Risk #27 - climb a mountain

All I need is a backpack...maybe some money...and mountains to train. 

I bought a new backpack during REI's anniversary sale.

Earned The Fauquier Excellence in Education Grant

so all that was needed was altitude.


An hour from me are the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive.  The highest point on these old, rounded mountains is 3600+ feet above sea level.  To climb Similaun Mountain, the altitude starts at 3200+ feet and ascends to 9100+ feet. 

This is my story of how I trained to follow my dream this summer.

I can recommend hikes from Skyline Drive that have challenged me and encouraged a newly found love for being saturated in sunshine and oxygen. 

Follow the journey in my blogs!

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