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Children should be seen and heard

On my morning walks, scattered along the path, encouraging rocks lay waiting to cheer neighbors on their way. They are obviously made by children, but the paths are mainly populated by adults. Some child some where believed people were sad and in need of a boost. They played with colors and came up with many different expressions of good cheer. They went out of their way to make a difference. Like the inhabitants of Whoville, they put out their rocks for Horton to hear.

As the weeks go by, I notice lawns cut with the rocks still there. Adults are removing the rocks, caring for their daily chores, and replacing the rocks. These rocks matter. Some of the rocks disappear, but more show up to replace and restore the messages we all need to hear.

One rock said, "You've got this!" another "It's going to be alright!" each one painted with the creative hearts of a child.

With all of the shouting and noise in the air today, remember to watch where you're walking and be kind to the children. They understand this mess a whole lot better than we adults do.

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