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Dare to Dream

Cleaning is tedious! Quite frankly I don't like it. Sometimes though I find a treasure that I put some place safe for another day. Yesterday was such a day.

I found my vision board. A year ago I couldn't have told you what a vision board is. Today I can say what a vision board does. While playing with pictures and chatting with friends I was guided to a discovery of what I truly desired. Let me back up.

Sara Bywaters-Baldwin, at Willow Circle Art, led a seminar on creating a vision board. The entire morning was designed to allow me and 15 other women to work along side each other making a visual. Sara gave instructions, set aside time for us to breathe and focus, then let our subconscious do the rest. She gently guided us encouraging us to let go and see what we felt drawn to.

Incredibly enough as my vision board came together I found a great source of fear. Water has terrified me. I like to be near it, but I do not like to go too deep. My vision board was filled with water, but it also had joy and daring and children.

As my board came together so did my understanding. My fear blocked me from my greatest desires. I wanted to write a book. That had been my goal to achieve over twenty years ago. Honestly I was afraid. What if I failed? As an English teacher the words of George Bernard Shaw regaling those who can do and those who can't teach haunted me.

We were instructed to take our vision boards home and put it in a place we would see it. Obviously since I found it while cleaning I didn't follow directions. I had tried to hide what I had opened, but the mind is a powerful tool much like a can opener. There was no going back when I saw the beauty of my heart's desire and then accepted the water as a challenge rather than a wall.

One year later after declaring my goals to myself a smile of recognition comes. I did it. I'm pursuing my dreams. My mind connected with my heart and the path unfolded from my willingness to try.

A vision board isn't magic or voodoo. It's an individual being honest with herself and giving herself permission to say what attracts the heart. Surprising enough on my vision board were three beautiful lupine flowers! Another goal I achieved this year. If you're interested in working through a problem or just getting unstuck from quarantine, before you rush back into the noise of daily life, check out her website at

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