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Finding My Way

Writing Iceman Awakens seemed like the hard part. Not true. Everything that happened after the book was bound became a series of challenges. Always baby steps, the risks grew as my confidence did. I have heard that our dreams should scare us, at least a little. There is something about being on the edge where possibilities and opportunities intersect.

Book 2 - Shroud of Ice is on my laptop and almost finished, but one thing is missing - I need an ending I feel passionate about. What did Ötzi see? What was his path? What can I leave my readers with that I am proud to write? Google could only do so much. I needed to travel to Europe to answer my questions.

In March, I learned that I am one of the recipients of this year's Fauquier Excellence in Education Grants. I will be flying to Austria to follow my dream of meeting those who have helped me as well as climbing Ötzi's mountain. The adventure is about to begin. Stay tuned right here for more information regarding, training and preparation for my trip as well as the experience of seeing my book come alive.

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