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Had a few obstacles thrown out as hurdles, but this past week, I had my first ever book launch and it was wonderful.

We took lots of precautions, had two young gentlemen keeping count at the door and they made sure no more than 25 people came into a room that holds a 300 capacity.

We posted alphabetical time slots so A-G came from 2-3pm, H-M came 3-4pm, N-Z came 4-5 pm.

All food was created by my dear friend in individual packaged portions. Pictures and recipes are being uploaded to a page on my website. We went with the Iceman theme and had ice pillar candles and white trees and iced globed candle holders around the room. No table cloths were used so the tables could easily be wiped down. A fire was going in the fireplace and outside around a fire pit.

It was a great day!

The people who came wanted to celebrate with me. The encouragement coming out of isolation as a writer to be with those who are excited for me made such a difference to the doubts and nerves I've had waiting for Iceman Awakens to release.

To finally talk about my journey as a writer and read my two favorite sections with each backstory completed my initiation as an author.

After five years researching, trying to recreate a time period we know so little about, I am ready to stand. There will come naysayers, who believe they could do better, but I know who I am; I'm baptized as an author. I am Awakened.

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