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Strength of beauty realized

What defines the strength of beauty?

This is my faithful Lenten rose. Every year in the dead of winter, this beauty finds the courage to bloom. No matter snow or frost, my Lenten rose reminds me to face my cold in style.

One thing I noticed in me this year is a complaining spirit fighting to push me down. The roots are deep in the realm of it's not fair. When left unchecked, perceived unfairness can lead to anger and resentment, not lovely qualities.

A student, who had every reason to complain because her life had incredible odds stacked against her, once shared her understanding. She said, "Life is fair because it's unfair for everyone."

I think my student's understanding defines the strength of beauty I admire. When life deals us a harsh wind or frozen reality we can choose to bloom. It requires courage, but that's fair. Isn't it?

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