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The best minds make beautiful moments

Teachers helping teachers! That's the thrust behind this new addition to Iceman Awakens. We just celebrated our two year publishversary last night and revealed the latest endeavor to help teachers use Iceman Awakens effectively in the classroom.

Four teachers, four creative problem solvers have activity options to challenge critical thinking. Wendi Pillars inspired the Visual Mind Mapping activity allowing students to doodle their connections and demonstrate understanding in a very different format.

Kassidi Gray contributed the One Page - a dynamic end of the book project that takes students through the symbolism and features of a plot.

Audrey Swain contributed the True Colors essay, the rousing schoolwide scavenger hunt, and the Mandala Mask project connecting a spirit animal to a character.

So much creativity can only sprout from a solid foundation of critical thinking. Creativity at its finest is really problem solving. Critical thinking at its finest is an opportunity for students to inspire themselves and in the process those witnesses near enough to see it - the teacher and classmates. This powerful moment, known as the aha moment, captured in a project, is what allows students to truly shine and when they shine, they are very beautiful, stunning even! Want to know what keeps me teaching? It would be that transformation just describe.

Take a moment to check out the Teacher Workbook. Coming soon will be some videos explaining the extra activities and in the new year a webquest to learn more about the real live (okay he's dead) but the real mummy Ötzi the Iceman.

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