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Waiting to Believe

Life creates obstacles that cause us to wait. As a child we see the adult torture tactic of making us wait for birthdays and Christmas. Anticipation enhances the time spent together as a family. As an adult, waiting causes us to feel out of control. I find I am more impatient trying to navigate waiting these days. I've always been told never pray for patience because then you'll be given many reasons to practice being patient. Now that I have gone through the past nine months trying to patiently wait for this book, I have an improved vision of what acquiring patience means. It means hope. Hope requires faith that everything will work out just fine. Hope brings us to believe in possibilities not realized. Hoping is the closest thing to dreaming with our eyes wide open.

Today my book launches - the accumulation of dreams from over 20 years ago. This particular story sat in the back of my mind percolating, pondering possibilities for the past twelve years. Five years ago, I got serious about doing something about that dream. I had taken a writing class and had to produce a short story to earn the grad credits needed for recertification. My professor jotted down a little note to let her know what I did with that story.

Sometimes I find that hope or dreaming is for other people. It won't work out for me. That's the lie I believed for 20 years. There will be time. I'll get around to writing. My children were little and I was fighting to carve out work and holidays and a home. I didn't have the focus to believe in what was lying patiently inside waiting for me to just try. My life as a writer was the one waiting for me to believe I am able. Today is a day to celebrate and let what is dormant inside be free! May what God has gifted return to me tenfold. Iceman Awakens is born.

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