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What better place to meet a future writer than in a book store?

Barnes and Nobles Manassas is where my adventure began on February 27, 2022. Since that time I have had the honor of being at seven other Barnes and Nobles in the Northern Virginia area. Woodbridge included me in their Grand Opening and had me back two other times! Short Pump invited me down. Fredericksburg just had me back a second time. I've been to Ashburn, Fairfax, Potomac Yards, Springfield. Saturday, October 22nd I'll be at the beautiful two story Tysons Mall B&N. Soon in December I'll add Libby's Place in Richmond on the 10th and then we're crossing the Potomac River to Frederick, Maryland on the 11th! I'm stunned and truly fortunate to be embraced by such a gracious and wonderful book store. Standing in a shared space with so many other titles and so many amazing authors never grows old. The absolute best part of the day is when I find a young author. That's an amazing moment I can't quite describe. I feel somehow the gift of encouraging voice is one that germinates with time and repeated affirmation. I can only hope that our brief encounters stirs a familiar flame that will challenge both of us to return to the page for edits and refined ideas. The writers community is one of hope that together we will change the world with tales of courage and friendship. The act of writing is solitary and challenging, which is why I always love meeting other writers especially the ones at the beginning of their journey. How about you? What story is inside of you waiting to be told?

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