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Back porch Friends

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Each morning I take a cup of tea, possibly a muffin and head to my chair on the back porch. The world's far away as I listen to the muse invoked by a cacophony of bird calls and gentle breezes spin the wheels of memory. Nature's incantation allows my thoughts to ponder and then to wander through the many conversations that I have had.

It's the cool of the morning before the heat of the day my mind finds soothing. I can follow paths of yesterdays watching the changing landscape of my gardens.

The gardens speak of hard work, hopes, failures, and the simple beauty that life offers. In this scene I find the strength to share my point of view from where I sit.

Please join me as a back porch friend. While we won't solve the world's problems, we may find comfort and encouragement for the challenges of each new day.

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